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Hi everybody!


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Bonjour !


I'm a french little mapper who asked to join the gamebanana's group. I was advised to register on the forum, that's why I'm here :) ! I'm sorry my spanish is very bad but if you want to talk with me you can speak english (or french obviously).


I got a link to a battle arena map : aim_downtownbattle (Counter-Strike: Source > Maps > Battle Arena) - GAMEBANANA


And a few screenshots for you : Steam Community :: Le M φ :: Screenshots

I took the screenshots while I worked on the map projects.


I think working together is important and will allow us to go further.


Have a nice day :)


Martin S. // Le M

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Thank you for taking my request seriously in joining the forum! It is very important to have people from other countries, it makes us grow in mapping, interests and culture!I ask that the captures or maps you publish here, so the other users can check them and comment you.Greetings, Rodrigo

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