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Stuck in func_train entity


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I have a problem with my zm_ map (VHE cs 1.6)


Im stucked in func_train platform.

I'm unmovable on platform who have an up-down direction (Elevator). This stuck produced just when im walking on platform.

If I stay on it without moving i can walk and this begin fully functional, but, If I walk when elevator stop it's move, Im being stucked. (Up or down, anywhere).

I centred all entityes from the elevator. (Upper patch_corner, lower patch_corner and elevator platform too.)

Here is a image with my map.


The distance between patch_corner-A and patch_corner B is 256 units, and the speed of elevator is 64 units/s (Total of 4 seconds)

How can I fix this?


Sorry for my bad english, I do all the best I can do.


PS: Elevator platform height is 16

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send an image of the entities configuration please.


HERE is .rar with images. (platform, 3 pics, p= Lower patch_corner, pp= Upper patch_corner)


ps: I can make a video too.








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Aca te fabrique un elevador con func_door


Sube y baja sin problemas ni bug





But... How can I adjust sound VOLUME level? (On func_train I can do it, but on func_door, I can't) Is too noisy (I want to hear it, but a little bit Quiet)



This doesn't solve the problem.

Still stuck in platform.

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