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I made this map on 14th February for fellow single male community (or female) who play cs 1.6

this map contains 5 major areas which are: Cafe, mini dust castle, dance square, heart fountain and small playground...

cafe has most breakable furniture, lamps can be also breakable and sound speakers to shut the music up (modjo - lady).

the .rar file contains instructions of how to install map...so...enjoy!!!

(ps: I donno how to make slider work)







Valentine_Park 1.0.rar

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It looks very interesting, you designed the park, it would serve a good purpose playing it in a deathmatch or perhaps if you add some boxes (obstacles) and more weapons on the floor it would equally work well for a FY_ (fight yard).
I would also like you to include more lights, I see it a little dark in some parts, but the rest is very good.
Also sometimes when we download maps, in the RAR we already include them in folders and you save the explanation.

By the way, I didn't understand (ps: I donno how to make slider work) Tell us what you want to achieve and we can help you.

We are waiting for you on Discord!

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