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  1. Description: A request map Map title: cs_globalstrike Type: Cs_ Slots: 20 TT - 20 CT Size: Mediano Link: http://gamebanana.com/maps/194287 Images and comments:
  2. Description: A request map Map title: fy_gamesis Type: Fy_ Slots: 20 TT - 20 CT Size: Mediano Link: http://cs.gamebanana.com/maps/187346 Images and comments:
  3. Hi Chaos! u renember me?? just wanted to say hi, long time without it xD

  4. » Author: chaosmedia90 aka Chaos » Details: Map will be subbmited and with classic textures + modified version for Deathmatch servers. » Date: 13-01-2015 » Map tip: Bomb Defuse / de_ » Game : Counter Strike 1.6 » Slots: 32 + » Download: GameBanana » Images:
  5. Hola chaosmedia90


    Bienvenido a Mundo Mapping | Tu comunidad mapper!! :D


    Ya eres uno mas de nosotros, cualquier duda/problema que tengas no dudes en consultarlo con algún usuario o publicar un tema en la sección correcta.


    Por favor lee las reglas del foro para evitar futuros problemas Reglas


    Mundo Mapping.

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