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Own maps

Publish your own CS 1.6 map according to which section.



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1hp_ maps ("hp" means hit point = hit points, i.e. the amount of health a player) are a typical anti-terrorist vs. terrorist duel, and there are two exceptions, the first is that only the knife can be used, and the second is that the player's amount of health is equal to 1,  Therefore, the player dies with just a single hit from either a right or left click.


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35hp_ maps ("hp" means hit point = hit points, i.e. the amount of health a player) are a typical duel of anti-terrorists against terrorists, and there are two exceptions, the first is that only the knife can be used, and the second is that the player's amount of health is equal to 35,  Therefore, the player dies with just a single hit using the right click.


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aim_ maps (which come from the same word) usually focus on one or two specific weapons, and serve to practice players' skills with that weapon(s). Usually the maps are aim_ completely symmetrical so that there is no advantage of any team and skill is what counts.

Arena Mod

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The ar_ maps (Arena) are a typical duel of anti-terrorists against terrorists but in a 1 vs. 1 way, therefore it is a very small map for this confrontation. A battle against 1 opponent of the same level. As you kill, you face the best opponents, and as you lose, you go down and fight lower-level opponents.


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The as_ maps (which comes from assasination) focus on a specific player who will be the VIP. He must be escorted and protected by the anti-terrorists to the escape zone, while the terrorists must attempt to assassinate him by any means possible.

The bb_ maps (which comes from Base Builder) are maps on which counter-terrorists must build bases and prevent attacks by terrorists (zombies). If the counter-terrorists hold out for the stipulated time, they win the round. Otherwise, they lose.

Battle Royale

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Publica tu mapa Battle Royale / Hunger Games

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Publica tu mapa Deathmatch


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Publica tu mapa Deathrace


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Maps are deathrun_ maps in which there is a single terrorist and several counter-terrorists. The counter-terrorists must cross traps until they reach the end of the map, where they enter the terrorist base and kill him. The terrorist must activate the traps so that the anti-terrorists do not carry out their mission.


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The de_ maps (which comes from the word "Demolition") focus on strategic paths that lead to two sites "A" and "B" where the C4 bomb is planted and defused.

Bomb disposal is considered by most of the community to be the most popular and balanced game mode. For those reasons, it's usually the only game mode used for tournaments or other competitive matches.

Fight Yard

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Maps fy_ (which stands for Fight Yard) are relatively small maps, where two sides simply aim to kill each other. To get weapons, you need to grab them from the floor or get them in another custom way.


Publica tu mapa Fun Type

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Grenade War

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he_ maps (named after the grenade with the same name) are maps in which the sides are separated and the only weapons are grenades that are found on the ground or already respawn with them depending on the map. The sides must throw grenades at each other to win.

Gun Game

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gg_ maps (short for Gun Game) are maps that are typically used only on servers with the Gun Game plugin. This plugin changes a lot of things in the style of play, such as the following:
- Players respawn within seconds of death.
- As you kill enemies, your weapon changes.

Hide and Seek

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Publica tu mapa Hide and Seek

Hostage Rescue

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The cs_ maps (which comes from Counter-Strike) were the first type of map created, and focus on characters called Hostages or Hostages. They were kidnapped by the terrorists and the counter-terrorists must save them, and take them to a safe area.


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Publica tu mapa Jailbreak

Knife Arena

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The ka_ maps (which stands for Knife Arena) are a typical duel of counter-terrorists against terrorists, except that in these maps only one weapon can be used: the knife.


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The kz_ maps (which comes from Kreedz, the creator) are based on jumping platforms until you reach the end, where there is a counter that says how long it took you to finish the course. There are usually records or competitions on "who has the least time".

This mod includes different map styles, for example, bhops, climbs, slides, speedrun, among others.


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Publish your map that doesn't have a section


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Publish Your Paintball Map


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rats_ maps (which comes from the word "rats" in English) are maps in which it resembles that the players are rats, i.e. the structures are created on a very large scale, simulating that the players are very small (rat size). Commonly, these maps can have a wide variety of modes, such as defuse/bomb maps, hostage rescue, assasination, fight yard, snipe war, among others.

Snipe War

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awp_ or scout_ maps (from the weapon with its corresponding name) are large maps, with long distances between teams, in which only the AWP or AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum) sniper weapon or SCOUT can be used. Normally, we can find various obstructions among the equipment to protect us from enemy attacks.


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sj_ maps (short for Soccerjam) are those maps that are usually shaped like a soccer field (although there are variations, such as basketball courts, volleyball courts, etc...) and the two teams must manipulate a ball around the field and score goals in the opposite goal. These maps must always be played with the SoccerJam plug-in, or the ball will not appear.


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The surf_ maps (@mariowned (REGISTERED IN THE FORUM) creator of the mod in 2004) are maps that consist of "surfing" (hence the name) with the A and D keys on ramps, using techniques such as the strafe and others to go further. Normally each map has a series of levels and at the end there is a secret area with weapons and others.

Publish your Trouble in Terrorist Town map

Zombie Escape

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Ze_ maps (short for Zombie Escape) are maps in which there is a side of Zombies and a side of Survivors or Humans. These maps have a beginning and an end, that is, there is a linear path that must be followed.
The humans have to get to some escape location (e.g. a helicopter, a boat, etc.) while the zombies have to kill them. When the humans reach the end of the course, they escape by getting on the helicopter/boat and all other players left on the map die.

Zombie Madness

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The zm_ maps (which comes from Zombie Madness) transform Counter-Strike style gameplay into a humans vs. zombies The terrorists will be zombies and the anti-terrorists will be humans. Zombies have large amounts of life but only have their claws.

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