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  1. S3B


    You can search by author, by names etc, just change the options of filter ( search bar on middle top ;) )

  2. Micka!

    Hey S3B! how are you? u renember me? :D

    I have a questions, i know you upload to 17b all maps u can.. so, u have a data base or something like that? because, i lost all files, just i found one map (dm_mck) if u can helpme pls... all maps contains the tag "mck" i search in gamebanana, but was erase because i dont send screnshots. and dm_mck is 17b.

    That's all. Have a nice day :D

  3. Hi!, maybe you don't know but there is a tournament of prefabs, join! http://www.mundo-mapping.net/foro/showthread.php?246-Torneo-Mapping-Prefabs

  4. Maps Uploaded on 17Buddies :



  5. Orbital Studio Batch Compiler Download
  6. I added '_v4' like in your zip because 'aim_factory' is already used in 2004 : http://www.17buddies.net/17b2/View/Map/7964/aim_factory.html
  7. Maps Uploaded on 17Buddies :








  8. S3B

    [Mapa] aim_ak-colt_mm

    I like, pretty small map Added here :
  9. Hi dud, welcom to MundoMapping

  10. Hola S3B


    Bienvenido a Mundo Mapping | Tu comunidad mapper!! :D


    Ya eres uno mas de nosotros, cualquier duda/problema que tengas no dudes en consultarlo con algún usuario o publicar un tema en la sección correcta.


    Por favor lee las reglas del foro para evitar futuros problemas Reglas


    Mundo Mapping.

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